“an exponent or advocate of technocracy, a member of a technically skilled elite.”


Yesterday  the High Court ruled that Theresa May must secure parliamentary approval before Article 50 and official negotiations to leave the EU can be triggered.

Three of the UK’s most senior Judges ruled that the government is legally required to pass an act of parliament before initiating official “Brexit”.

One of the lead claimants bringing the case is Gina Miller, whom we learn from the press is the wife of a multi-millionaire.

The Claimants have stated that this is about process, more than it is about politics.

Loyal remain supporters  immediately jumped on the ruling as proof that Brexit won’t happen and certainly won’t  happen as soon as people “see sense”.

Self-appointed liberal “expert” media commenters  wasted no time in heralding the news  as evidence that the referendum result will be disregarded because;  “there are times when MP’s must rise above the views of  their constituents.”

But what could play into the hands of the Leave argument, that we are being run by an unaccountable class of technocrats, more than the spectacle of a millionaire  persuading three upper class members of the British judiciary that the views of 17.2 million people are potentially irrelevant?

The odds of a “snap” general election being called have now been slashed.

The SNP and the party’s voters still oppose leaving the EU.

Yet crucially if a snap general election is called, the majority of Leave seats are in Labour areas. Jeremy Corbyn has been clear that Labour have accepted the Brexit vote and have plans for a post Brexit Britain.

It seems highly unlikely that a general election would stop Brexit.

Rather than being a final roll of the dice to prevent Brexit, a call for parliamentary vote is likely to result simply in Brexit being given a parliamentary mandate.